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Nurse-led Clinics

Service Details

Please note that ALL costs EXCLUDE medication costs

Nurse Visits – R175

- Blood Pressure
- COVID-19 Screening
- Physical Examination
- Family Planning Advice
- Heart Rate
- HIV Counselling
- Oxygen Saturation
- Sexual Health Advice
Service details

Nurse Visit and Vaccination – R175+

- Childhood Immunisation (Cost of specific vaccination)
- Adult Vaccines (Cost of specific vaccination)

Nurse Visit and Procedure – R175+

Minor Procedure - R45 each
- Urine Dipstick
- Finger Prick Glucose Test
- Pregnancy Test (Urine Test Strip)
- Snellen Eye Test
Blood tests
Blood Tests
Moderate Procedure - R85 each
- Cholesterol Test - Malaria Rapid Test

Major Procedure - R175 each
- HIV Rapid Test

Nurse Visit and Virtual Doctor – R320

- Script
- Sick Note
- Referral Letter
- Chronic Disease Management:
*Prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease
*Uncomplicated HIV Management
Telemedicine Book Appointment
IV Drip

Nurse Visit + Virtual Doctor + Procedure – R320+

Minor Procedure - R70 each
- IV Insertion (patients 3+ years old) for fluids only

Moderate Procedure - R120 each
- Pap Smear
- Intramuscular Injections/Intravenous Medication Administration
- IV Insertion (patients younger than 3 years) for fluids only
- Nebulisation
- Oxygen Administration

Major Procedure - R175 each
- Ear Wax Removal
- Selected foreign body removals

Well Baby Clinic – R175

- Baby/ Infant Feeding
- Breastfeeding problems/Issues
- Road to Health Card completion
- Weighing
Baby wellness
Wound care

Wound Clinic – R175+

- Uncomplicated Wound Care - R105 each
- Complicated Wound Care (incl Virtual Doctor) - R220 each

COVID-19 Antigen Tests

- With SHI Telemedicine Doctor referral & consultation: R260
- With patient's own Doctor referral: R150

Book Clinic Visit

Our nurse-led primary healthcare clinics work on a walk-in basis and patients are not required to book an appointment to see our nurses. However, if you wish you can book an appointment ahead of your visit.

Phone now to book an appointment at our Brackenfell Clinic